Do you know your Customer?

Have you wondered why you are not getting customers despite having a good product and doing a lot of marketing?

Most of us dream of making it big and having a big customer base but despite our best efforts that don’t seem to happen. This can be frustrating and might lead you to quit the business.

Selling online can be frustrating
Are you frustrated?

Don’t quit just yet, I have a solution to your problem.

Creating a detailed Buyer Persona

Now you might ask what is a buyer Persona? A buyer persona is a detailed description of your ideal customer. Do you know who your ideal customer is? How much money do they make, do they have a family? Where do they shop? how old are they…

What is a buyer Persona
A detailed buyer persona takes a deep dive into who your customer really is.

Now I understand knowing all this might not matter to you since you have a good product, but they matter to the customer because that is what influences their purchase decisions. A  detailed buyer persona helps you to create a marketing plan that helps you to reach your customers in a way that is valuable to your business.

3 Benefits of a Well Researched Buyer Persona

1.An understanding of customer needs

If you know what your customer needs and wants are you can tailor your marketing and product to address these specific needs and therefore provide value. If you can provide value for your customers they will definitely buy from you.

2.Knowledge of where your customers spend time

Knowing where your customers spend most of their time helps you to meet them where they are. For example, if your ideal customer is aged between 35-45 years old, chances are high they spend most of their time on Facebook than maybe Instagram. It, therefore, makes more sense to maximize your marketing efforts on Facebook than Instagram. Knowing where your customers spend most of their time enables you to avoid wasting marketing resources on platforms that won’t get you customers

3. Better  Quality leads

Now you know what interests your ideal customer and where they spend their time. What does this mean for you? It means that you can be able to focus your marketing on the right people in the right places in a contextual manner that is relevant to them. This translates into better quality leads for your business which are easier to convert into paying customers.

Having a well-researched buyer persona helps you to know who you want to sell to.  Even more important, not having a buyer persona makes you sell to the wrong people, people who don’t want your product. Selling to the wrong people is a sure-fire way of being frustrated and quitting.

We put a lot of effort into having a product that our customers love. Let’s put this much effort into knowing who our customers actually are too.

Creating a good buyer persona can be hard. That is where we come in. At Guantai digital we can help you create a perfect buyer persona that will result in increased sales for you. Contact us today to make it happen.

PS. We are living in difficult times. Let’s be kind, Let’s spread love, let’s spread happiness. Let’s put genuine smiles on people’s faces every chance we get

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