The Power of Emotions in Social Media Marketing.

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You want to learn about using emotions to better market your product or service on social media? This is an article for you. Let’s get the tissue boxes, and the ugly crying faces ready. Because boy oh boy, Emotions are coming.

All set? Awesome, let’s dive into it.

We all want to do successful social media marketing, Don’t we? 

You want your customers to buy those cute dresses you are selling, enroll for your fitness program, come eat at your new hotel, buy the cool furniture you are selling, and so on. So you run a social media campaign selling your product or service. You would think your potential customers will make a decision to buy that cute dress you are selling based on logic, so you list all the features of the dress, very high-quality fabric, hand made by the best tailors, imported from some exotic place in Europe and so on. While you might make a few sales, you won’t have a successful social media campaign.

Why is this the case?


Customers make their purchase decisions based on emotions and not logic. Your customer does not care that the dress has the best fabric. They care how they feel when they wear the dress, how beautiful and confident they feel with the dress on. They want their friends to look at them and say ”Girl you are looking gorgeous. Where did you get that dress from?”  That is what you go for. Make them feel that confidence in your Instagram Ad.

Social media is such a powerful marketing tool in the digital age we live in. Combine that with emotions and you are on your way to having an effective marketing strategy. To fully harness the combined power of social media and emotions, you need to understand Empathy

Empathy – The ability to feel what others are feeling, to be affected emotionally by someone else mental state

By understanding Empathy, you can trigger powerful responses from your target audience

Why? Because emotions are contagious.

Emotions have a huge impact on how we make decisions. In fact, emotions create lasting first impressions and condition us to follow the same pattern of action in the future.

So what does this dangerous piece of marketing information mean for a marketer today?


In today’s world, People are bombarded by adverts everywhere they go. For your brand to stand out among all this noise, you have to implement emotional marketing and go directly for the emotions.

Emotional marketing strategies to use on social media.

  1. Know what gets to them

For you to pass an exam, you have to take the time to study. You don’t just show up for an exam and pass. The same applies to advertising. You have to take the time to understand your target customer. That way you know what kind of content they will respond to best.

Take time to do your target audience research. This enables you to know your ideal customer. You get to know their pain points, what excites them, who they relate with, how they spend their time online, and so on.

By taking the time to do this. You will know what kind of emotion you want to evoke in your potential customer. More importantly, you will know which emotions not to evoke because emotions are a double-edged sword and cut both ways. The same way they can bring you customers is the same way they can cost you customers. So be wise

  1. Be a storyteller

Growing up I loved listening to my grandma’s stories. They were fascinating. The same way I loved my grandma’s stories back then is the same way I love stories today. Everyone loves a good story

People go on social media for entertainment and connecting with friends. So seeing an advert is probably the last thing they want. They, therefore, hate ads and the brands behind them. You can change all that. How about you tell a story, be another source of entertainment. Don’t disrupt their entertainment, be part of it. Deftly find a way of selling your product in the story. People will sit and watch your ad to the end and end up being your customer without even knowing it. Storytelling makes your ad blend in, makes it interesting, makes it more human.

What story will you tell your target audience the next time you run your ad? Think about it.

  1. Tap into the fear of missing out(FOMO)

Burna boy is holding a concert in Nairobi, You are not sure if you want to attend or not. While scrolling on your Instagram you see an Ad saying ” 90% of the Tickets are sold out” Suddenly you are scrambling to pay for the concert before the tickets are totally sold out. That is the fear of missing out (FOMO)

No matter how much control you think you have, most people make impulse purchases.

The concept of “NOW” and receiving benefits is a real thing. 

“BUY NOW”, “VIEW NOW”, “SUBSCRIBE TODAY”  These are some of the calls to action that use FOMO.

How to use FOMO in social media marketing

  • Mention the number of people benefitting from your product or service
  • Pose questions that make them feel left out of an opportunity
  • Offer your product for a limited period of time
  • Make your followers feel like they are supposed to be part of something and they are missing out
  1. Use Nostalgia

“Good old days”

Remembering those old days makes one feel good. Market your product in such a way that it evokes memories of good old days. Ads that evoke the emotion of happiness convert more. People wanna feel good and their roots give them happiness. Find a way to connect with the roots of your customers. 

How to use Nolstagia in social media marketing

  • Share compelling blasts from the past that relate to your brand
  • Share your story as a business
  • Ask your potential customers about their nostalgic moments/memories
  1. Be like Christmas Morning

When I was a kid, Christmas was my best holiday. I always woke up full of excitement and looking forward to the day. 

Excitement can be a great motivator for getting people to buy what you are selling. This is because the excitement increases impulsivity and makes people quicker to act. If you can manage to get your prospects excited long enough they are more likely to make a purchase.

How to use excitement in social media marketing

  • Use colors to draw attention
  • Include obvious discounts
  • Keep content short and use exclamation marks
  • Use emojis to create a visual feeling
  • Use images with smiling people.

Let’s get real. We all get emotions whether we like it or not only some people can mask their emotions. The bottom line is we all feel something. That said,it is therefore, a good idea to weave some emotions into your social media marketing.

Think of emotions as the secret sauce to social media marketing you never knew you had.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I hope it helps you in some way.

Have a lovely weekend good people.


Ever felt touched by an ad that appealed to your emotions? What do you think of emotions in marketing? Please leave a comment below and let us interact.

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  1. Marketing strategists should read this article and pick a leaf. It offers insight on what actually matters most to customers. Customers’ needs should be a priority to anyone selling a product or service. This article perfectly highlights the power of emotions in social media marketing.

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