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Our Story

Guantai digital is a story of  marketers who want to change the way brands Market their products to consumers. It’s about selling to people who want to buy from you. It’s about telling your story to the audience that resonates with it. It’s about wowing your customers and bringing them to you. It’s about getting new customers and retaining them.

We would like to help brands add value to their customers. 

With all the noise in the digital space we want to help your brand stand out. Join us in this journey of transformation. Together we can make your brand the most loved and the most trusted. Together we can make your brand generate incredible revenues.

I am a pragmatist, always have been. I therefore take a pragmatic approach to marketing on the internet. I like focusing on practical approaches that work. In an era where a lot of information is available for customers they have choices about what to buy. We position you to be their favorite choice. At Guantai digital we deliver the right content in the right context on a comprehensive scale .What makes us the leaders in this field is the ability to pivot as fast as the digital marketplace.

Guantai Douglas

Founder, Guantai Digital

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